I have these speed humps near my house, they are on hilly roads, I guess they are there to stop the morons knocking a kid over. Great, but why does the minority of morons cause me to have to drive over speed humps, god forbid you live on one of these roads and you had a stroke, they say every second counts, well I reckon when the ambulance is on it’s way it would be losing precious seconds having to drive over those speed humps thankfully I don’t reside on a speed humped street.

Anyway I am rambling on

Why the hell can I drive over a speed hump faster than some urban cowboy in a four wheel drive, do they ever go off road, with these cock extenders? I don’t think so, I never see a dirty 4WD and we are in water restrictions in Melbourne. I reckon they should TAX 4WDs unless you can show digital photographic evidence that it does get dirty and actually goes off the bitumen.

Life is a drain on my resources and the oil reserves so it seems